Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is all about happy customers, coming back for more. It’s been shown that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. But engagement isn’t just a case of running a simple loyalty programme. Customers need to buy into your brand story and be given compelling reasons to come back again and again. That means engaging with them at an emotional level, and not just through points and prizes.

All our brands will help you to achieve this by rewarding customers with amazing experiences, great nights out and time well spent with friends and family. Rewards - that guarantee bucket loads of feel good factor – about the good times they spent and importantly, about your company for making it happen.

Success Stories: Bosch Home Appliances

Bosch Home Appliances launched The Winning Line range of energy and water saving appliances with a customer incentive of a £100 Virgin Experience Day Gift Card for all purchases made before a certain date.

“We wanted to create an impact at the launch and encourage sales and brand awareness in the few months following the launch while interest and pr around the energy and water saving benefits of our products remained high."

“Offering access to the Virgin Experience Days range of experience days added a lot of fizz and excitement to the purchase of new kitchen appliances. Our customers really bought into it.”

Trade Marketing Manager, Bosch Home Appliances

Drive Trial & Acquisition

Attracting customers in the first place is the clever bit. Because being heard in the market place isn’t easy. Products don’t just fly off shelves by magic. Customers won’t flow through the door just because you open it. It all needs careful planning and targeted incentives to make your proposition stand out in the sea of offers we’re confronted with on a daily basis.

And incentivising customers is what we do best. Because everyone loves a treat, the chance to do something different can provide an added value incentive to trial or purchase a product or service. Think aspirational themes… champagne cocktails, driving an Aston Martin, dinner at a top restaurant. Our customers also love our eye-catching range of ever-popular family days out, spa treats and driving days. Have we got you hooked?

Success Stories: Princes Tuna

Princes offered shoppers a two for one deal on days out in a major on pack promotion designed to drive sales of tuna.

As part of the Perfect Day promotion, 2.5 million canned tuna four packs included a unique code for shoppers to take advantage of 2 for 1 deals on Virgin Experience Days activities including Go Karting and Paintballing.

Shoppers who used the code were also entered into a prize draw to win up to £250 Virgin Experience Days vouchers and money off Princes products. The promotion created in store interest for tuna and helped drive sales across the fish range.

Marketing Director, Princes Tuna

Success Stories: Jaffa Cakes

When Mcvities launched its I Love Jaffa Cakes campaign to encourage family purchases, Virgin Experience Days featured on 18 million multipacks of the popular biscuits. McVities ran a text-to-win promotion, giving away £30,000 worth of Virgin Experience Days with a top prize of a family holiday in Florida. The promotion also ran online with a dedicated web site offering customer the chance to win additional Virgin Experience Days prizes and all consumers received a discount code to use on the Virgin Experience Days web site. This on pack promotion was hugely successful at driving multipack sales.

, Jaffa Cakes


Christmas is coming and it’s time to put the annual hamper order in. Or is it? There’s nothing wrong with a carefully chosen hamper, in fact we offer a few of our own favourites and they are always a popular choice.

But if you want to get away from traditional ideas and offer a refreshing gift to corporate customers, we will find a thoughtful alternative for you. Leave a lasting impression on the foodie fan with dinner for two at an Michelin-starred restaurant, or a Tour of Wembley Stadium for the football fanatic. Whatever makes them tick, wherever they live, we’ll rise to the challenge of sourcing a corporate gift they will never forget.

Success Stories: Virgin Trains

It was Christmas when Virgin Trains decided to say a spontaneous ‘thank you’ to its top 1,000 customers. Each lucky traveller received a Virgin Experience Days Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two, which can be enjoyed at multiple locations throughout the UK.

“We wanted to give a thoughtful gift, a special treat, simply to say thank you for putting your trust in us and continually choosing our service. They are busy people, so we agreed we wanted to give them something they could enjoy away from the commute, with friends or family. Virgin Trains travel to destinations up and down the country so the multiple redemption opportunities of the Afternoon Tea gift was perfect and redemption figures showed it was incredibly popular too. It will definitely be on our Christmas list again!”

Loyalty Manager, Virgin Trains

Referral & Reward

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool in the box, especially when it comes from trusted friends and family. Sometimes though, we need to give those tongues a little nudge to start wagging! To dangle the elusive carrot. With voucher denominations starting from as little as £5 we will always have a suitably sized carrot to fit your budget.


We’re sorry, but things don’t always go to plan. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. So when a valued customer isn’t happy you need to put your reputation first and make a serious effort to build bridges. Our vouchers and gift cards provide a flexible option to do just that. They allow you to spend as much as you feel the situation warrants, while giving access to a never ending selection of leisure treats to warm customers’ hearts in the trickiest of situations.

We can work with you to create a personalised goodwill catalogue to surprise and delight customers when things don’t quite go to plan. From unexpected delivery issues to installation hitches, our customers take advantage of our strong product range of experiences, flowers, wine, hampers, gift cards and leisure activities to create a goodwill catalogue that employees can turn to when they need to smooth a ruffled feather or two.

Customer Benefits

In today’s competitive market place, plain old customer satisfaction isn’t enough. You need to delight them too. Companies are going the extra mile to make life that little bit easier for valued customers. Offering discounted vouchers and experiences to customers is simple. Share your objectives with us and we’ll happily create a customer benefit scheme to help you to achieve them.

Success Stories: AA Rewards

The AA values its customers, each and every one of them. And that’s why AA Rewards was set up – to reward valued customers for their loyalty. Today more than 6 million members have access to fantastic benefits, discounts and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

“Our members love the Virgin Experience Days special offers they have access to via AA Rewards. We have worked very closely with Acorne over the years and the team are great at offering competitions and other promotions to keep members engaged”.

, AA Rewards