We offer something quite distinct in the marketplace
(even if we do say so ourselves!)

Today our expertise extends beyond the experience sector we pioneered all those years ago. Alongside the popular Virgin Experience Days brand we offer exclusive access to all things Virgin with the Virgin Gift Card. We also provide clients the chance to source a whole range of lifestyle related activities with Leisure Vouchers.


Experience Days – you can’t touch them, but you definitely ‘feel’ them.

Reward someone with an experience day and they will live every minute of it, which is why experiences are an incredible motivational tool.

People love to talk about their experiences, keeping memories and stories alive long after they’ve enjoyed the day.

Cash and ‘stuff’ are swallowed up into everyday life and just don’t have the same appeal.

So when you want to make sure people feel genuinely valued, you need to give them something that evokes such a strong response they want to tell their friends about it, building real engagement with your business.


Experience Day gifts presented with all the passion, innovation and trust you can expect from a Virgin brand that has been in the business of experiences since 1992. And we’re proud to say that Virgin Experience Days has consistently topped the poll for the best customer service within the Virgin Group, so you can be assured of great service!

From driving a Ferrari to enjoying a Chocolate Making workshop, Virgin Experience Days is crammed with a never-ending choice of experience days, handpicked by our dedicated buying team. We have long standing relationships with a huge network of the UK’s best suppliers of fun and memorable activities and constantly source new experiences to keep up with popular trends and customer demand so you can be sure your offer is current and desirable.

If you know what makes them tick, choose a specific gift like a Ferrari Thrill. Experiences are available as stylish gift packs or evouchers.

If you’d like to pass on the element of choice we offer plastic Gift Cards in denominations up to £500 to spend across our complete range.

Flexibility also runs through our paper Options Vouchers, popular with business customers for offering a handpicked selection of experiences from our extensive range.

The Options Vouchers offer a multiple choice of experiences collated by category or end user, for example, our VIP Spa Collection or the Deluxe Collection For Him.

We also have a colour coded selection of Options Vouchers, offering something for everyone with a wide range of experiences available at a specific price (from £25 - £1,000).

All our Options Vouchers are presented without a cash value so your employee or customer doesn’t have to know how much you spent and the perceived value remains high, no matter what the size of the award.

All Virgin Experience Days products can be activated online, making it a simple process all round.


Because we know it’s memories that motivate, we developed our portfolio of leading leisure brands to offer alternative ways to reward, motivate and engage with the common theme of “us time”.

While Experience Day solutions offer the chance to do something different, our selection of Gift Cards and Vouchers offer access to more everyday passions – dining out, family days at world-famous attractions, hotels, flights, theatre trips – all guaranteeing time out with family and friends.

With denominations starting from as little as £5, our voucher and gift card range works as well for regular, instant rewards as a high value ‘thank you’.

All our Gift Cards and Vouchers are accepted as cash at our range of redemption partners, keeping life simple for your recipients.

The range also includes evouchers, ideal for programmes administered online or last minute rewards.

Leisure Vouchers

The original and the best lifestyle voucher. Fact.

Leisure Vouchers is bursting with an outstanding choice of things to do around the UK from eating and drinking, family days out at top attractions and memorable holidays. And because we only partner with leading leisure brands, you can be confident of a warm welcome at more than 5,000 locations across the UK.

Available in denominations starting from £5, Leisure Vouchers make perfect ‘on the spot’ rewards or large scale team motivation programmes. And spending Leisure Vouchers couldn’t be easier as redemption partners accept them as cash payments.

Virgin Gift Card

Exclusive access to the wonderful world of Virgin.

It’s a particular favourite with business customers who want to inject the Virgin qualities of passion and innovation into their campaign and be associated with one of the UK’s most respected brands.

The Virgin Gift Card is a great fit if you are looking for an extra special, high end reward. It’s the perfect travel companion, welcomed at Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Little Red, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Holiday Cruises and Virgin Holidays + Hip Hotels. The Virgin Gift Card also offers access to Richard Branson’s collection of unique retreats and luxury hotels around the world through Virgin Limited Edition including a week on Necker Island, a ‘money can’t buy’ experience you CAN buy!

This full-bodied little card is also accepted at Virgin Wines, Kensington Roof Gardens, Virgin Balloon Flights, Virgin Pure and of course the lovely Virgin Experience Days.

Also available as paper and evouchers.


We realise that sometimes only a tangible gift will fit the bill. These are the ones you CAN touch and feel.

So we created a range of ‘unique gifts’ to compliment our Experience Days, Vouchers and Gift Card products and offer you even more choice.

We like to do things a little bit differently and that’s true of our gifts range too. Our buyers source unique and unusual gifts to make sure the tangible range have the same thoughtful impact on your employees and customers as our experience days and leisure brands.

We don’t just do food hampers, we do James Martin Dinner Party hampers. In addition to flowers and hampers, many of our gifts can be personalised and while we do offer traditional gifts like cufflinks, we hunt around for something just a little bit different.


With our enviable contact list of experience providers across the UK, it was only a matter of time before our business customers asked if we could organise corporate events for them too. And we’re glad they did.

Maybe you’re looking for an individual one hour activity, an overnight event including accommodation or a family fun days. Or perhaps you just know you want to organise something a little bit different. We’d love to share our ideas and help you hatch a plan!

Corporate events and hospitality are great ways to bring regional teams together, break down barriers, build team spirit, develop leadership, incentivise groups or celebrate company milestones.

Many customers also ask us to create Christmas events and organise company meals with a little sparkle too.

VIP Hospitality Package

We can also bag top seats and organise a host of premier hospitality packages at prestigious sporting events and music festivals in the UK.

Popular hospitality packages include Wimbledon, Henley Festival, Royal Ascot, F1 Grand Prix, Glorious Goodwood, Cirque du Soleil and Premiership Football matches.

We can also work with individual experience providers to create a bespoke event for you eg. Cocktail Masterclass, Dinner on The Thames, Chocolate Making Workshop, Survival Skills weekend…

We enjoy working with our business clients to provide creative ideas, bring experience providers together to provide bespoke events, organising logistics and ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Getting out there and seeing the enjoyment and inspiration people gain from getting together and sharing fun time is a fantastic reminder of why we love what we do. It reminds us that incorporating activities and experiences into your company event really does pay dividends and engage the people who matter most – your employees.